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We have a closed Facebook group! Request to join here or by clicking on our main page to the right. Our meeting files & resources are located in the closed Facebook group.  If you do not use Facebook, please email us and we will send them to you!  We have about 200 parents currently in our group and are a great resource for each other.  Don't miss out!

Our favorite websites: (all things gifted) (National Association for Gifted Education).  NAGC has parent tip sheets located here.  They can be printed and shared with educators or family members. (Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education)

Chapter 16 Gifted Education Law

Gifted at the Pennsylvania Dept of Education

Office of Dispute Resolution

Our favorite resources for GIEPs:

Parent Webinars on Gifted

Tanya Morret, formerly of the Capitol City Intermediate Unit, has created 3 webinars to help parents and educators understand chapter 16 and the GIEP process.  Sometimes the playback quality isn’t great, but the audio is fine.  Using the handouts to follow along works well.

Strength-Based GIEPs (this webinar gives an excellent overview of Chapter 16 and what GIEPs are all about)

GIEP Strength Based Document For Parents-1 – Handout (copy of presentation)

Data Webinar (This explores the Present Levels of Expected Performance, or PLEP of the GIEP.  PLEP is assessment data, and is critical to writing a GIEP that has appropriate goals)

Parent Handout Data January session – Handout to use during Presentation

DATA for Parents January session (copy of Presentation)

Gifted Re-evaluation (This can be confusing, but basically it is a formal look at your child’s data, and even parents can request this.  It’s trickier to understand, but if you watch this webinar and look at the handouts, you will understand the purpose)

Reevaluation for Gifted Students Parent Session  (copy of presentation)

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